“R E F L E C T I O N S”

Ron Parvu in Black Shirt

“Watercolor reflects the serious side of my creativity. It can reveal what’s going on inside me as a person and artist. Much of what I paint is connected to my past in one way or another; feelings, moods, whatever. Memories are always there because they’re locked inside me. I like to return again and again to my roots. It gives me the emotional charge I need and it shows in any painting I might be working on. On-the-other-hand, folk art reflects the whimsical side of my personality and gives me the opportunity to take a breather from reality. These are the two worlds that I live in as an artist.”

“ A B O U T  T H E  A R T I S T  ”

Ron Parvu

Ron Parvu never entertained the thought that he wanted to become an artist. He always knew that he was an artist. He knew he was different when he was just 4 years old in Kindergarten. During coloring times, other children would bring their papers over to his table and ask him to draw a horse, a tree, whatever, so they could color it. They couldn’t draw those things. That’s when he knew he was different and had a gift.

Born and raised in northeastern Ohio, Ron grew up in a region that exposed him to a rich variance of natural environment, history, and wildlife. It’s against that background with a touch of nostalgia, that his paintings, both the serious and the whimsical, reflect his unique originality. This background makes his work different from a lot of “too similar art” being produced today.

Formerly a graphic designer with national and international corporations, his work reveals a strong, inherent sense of design and composition. He tries to focus on strong visual images that convey an emotional impact.

He readily admits to being influenced by the work of former living greats. He says, however, “You learn from them, but you don’t try to copy them. Every artist has to seek their own way; develop their own style.”

He has been invited to display his work at several national exhibits, including the prestigious Leigh Yawkey Museum “Birds in Art”. He has won a number of awards and has been purchased by collectors and well known celebrities.